Since 1969, Russo Development has built over 70 commercial projects. Russo has earned a reputation for well-planned, highly functional developments that are distinguished by their emphasis on detail and quality. Russo Development is dedicated to providing superior real estate development solutions to all of its clients. The continued success of the company can be attributed to the fact that the quality of construction is second-to-none, including aesthetically pleasing brick masonry facade that has become a trademark of a Russo project. Abundant landscaping and flexible building layouts are other Russo traits that assist in creating a corporate, park-like environment.
Russo Development’s residential communities provide quality with the focus on details and customer service that Russo has become known for in Northern New Jersey’s commercial real estate industry.

All of Russo’s residential communities are designed, developed and constructed by our in-house team of professionals and trusted partners. Every aspect is expertly thought-out from energy efficient designs, well-organized floor plan layouts and sound-proofing of each apartment home to commuting access and desirable amenities.

This hands-on approach taken by Russo has been very well received by our clients and allows us to continue to deliver complicated development projects in a timely manner and with successful results.

ver•mel•la /ver´melə/ 1 : red (Origin: Galician)

The Vermella brand, named after Russo’s trademark color, combines both luxury and convenience. With resort-like amenities, well-manicured exteriors and meticulously detailed and spacious interiors, Vermella stands for beautiful settings, friendly people and superb suburban locations where urban access abounds.
Russo Development is the leading developer and owner of Mission Critical Data Center facilities in the New York metropolitan area. In the region, Russo has developed and continues to own approximately 1.7 million square feet of data center space in eight (8) single-tenant facilities with a utility capacity in excess of 130 megawatts. These leased facilities ranging from 150,000 to 400,000 square feet include infrastructure critical to the financial services sector. Russo has extensive experience in the design and construction of these mission critical properties and hold a long track record of success demonstrated by its 25% share of the New Jersey data center market.

Russo's continued success is predicated upon our ability to locate properties in the region that are well suited for this type of development. We target secure sites that meet the most stringent requirements for power, fiber connectivity and water resources. Our experience in this construction class allows us to fast track the development process as every phase of the project is handled by our in-house team of professionals including architects, engineers and construction personnel. The hands-on approach taken by Russo has been very well received by our clients and allows us to continue to deliver these complicated development projects on time with strict attention to detail. We are able to structure our developments to allow tremendous flexibility in the design and operation of the facility. Russo Development's solutions are well suited for the large enterprise user, however, future projects will be able to accommodate a wide range of requirements and services.