Russo Development, already one of the most active developers in the region, is always looking to expand its portfolio of premier real estate holdings.

We seek to acquire vacant land, existing buildings suitable for value-added redevelopment, and/or properties that can be repositioned for a higher and better use. Our current acquisition strategy is focused on redevelopment to: (i) multifamily residential; (ii) mission critical facilities; and (iii) industrial property types. Our preferred markets are New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, and we are also targeting development opportunities in Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland. Over our 50+ year history our portfolio is emboldened with a diverse line-up of some of the most complex sites in terms of environmental, planning, municipal and financing challenges. We encourage you to visit our case study pages for more details on a variety of projects across various property asset types. Explained through our comprehensive in-house capabilities overview, our team is uniquely positioned to evaluate and execute upon any real estate opportunity. Finally, Russo Development has found success in unlocking great developments in some unexpected places. Those developments have proven financially rewarding but also a boon to the great communities of which they are a part of.

For additional information, kindly contact Michael Pembroke, Chief Operating Officer, at or 201-487-5657.



These are the critical foundations to any successful development. Russo Development begins the process by evaluating properties to determine their best and most efficient use. Whether our in-house team of licensed engineers self-perform the work or oversee outside consultants, the same level of experience and dedication shine through in the final product. Our in-house design team works hand-in-hand with our Construction Managers as well to foresee potential challenges before they arise and to ensure unforeseen field issues are quickly resolved with proactive solutions.

When designing build-to-suit facilities, our clients can rest assured their precise design needs will be met. Our top-notch team uses state-of-the-art CAD and modeling tools to bring customized design concepts to life. Well-versed in NJDEP permitting requirements, our team works to maximize a site’s development potential. The result is a highly efficient, while also environmentally responsible, land-use plan that meets the exact needs of our clients and enhances the community.

For additional information, kindly contact Doug Bartels, Senior Vice President – Development at or 201.487.5657.



Russo Development employs a team of designers with a variety of in-depth architectural education and experience that has made quality well-constructed buildings a hallmark of the Russo brand for decades. Our in-house designers work closely with our architecture consultants, using our 3-D modeling capability to influence and drive the building design every step of the way. While the design is in-progress, our team performs ongoing quality control coordination with all outside consultants from structural and MEP engineers to interior and lighting designers. When new inspiration comes late in the process, our dedicated team readily adapts to seamlessly incorporate new ideas throughout any stage of the process.

Our experienced and highly knowledgeable team is constantly researching the newest architectural building and landscape design trends to continually be ahead of the curve and bring the best living and working experience to our residents and tenants.

For additional information, kindly contact Doug Bartels, Senior Vice President- Development at or 201.487.5657.



Russo Development has been engaging in the construction and construction management for the development of their projects for over 50 years. In the last ten years, the Russo construction management team has been responsible for direct oversight, buyout, and construction of over 3,100 apartment units and 3.5 million square feet of commercial space across 15 projects. In the time, our dedication to building superior product for our company has not wavered. The team continues to grow internally and in expertise as we continue provide expert management for our future projects building upon the knowledge and insights we glean from previous work.

The combination of our construction expertise and the trust we have in our dedicated outside design consultants allow us to effectively manage a wide range of developments including new construction, complicated redevelopment properties, and renovation projects. We are committed to maintaining stringent quality control for every aspect of our development projects.

For additional information, kindly contact Dominick Tucci, Senior Vice President – Head of Construction at or 201-487-5657.


Commercial Leasing & Property Management

Russo properties are all managed and leased by Russo Development personnel. This gives our tenants a single point of contact for all their needs from the initial lease discussions, to the fit-out and occupancy of the space, and throughout their tenancy at the property.

Whether tenants have questions regarding an existing lease or expansion space, Russo Development walks them through the evaluation process. Our leasing and marketing team brings the highest level of service, commitment, and dependability to all our tenants. Our unique ability to harness our in-house capabilities including legal, management and construction management has proven successful when navigating the complexities that could exist during a corporate tenancy. This is never better proven than in the long-term tenancies that we have enjoyed from companies like JP Morgan Chase, Coach Leather, Pantone and more.

For additional information or direct tenant references, kindly contact Adam Pasternack at or 201-487-5657.



Russo Property Management, “RPM”, was established in 2017 to provide the highest quality residential  management services at all properties owned or under development by the Russo family and its partners.

The ownership and executive management team of RPM is the same as Russo Development, the construction and development entity which has serviced the family’s real estate portfolio since 1969.
RPM’s mandate is to provide best in class service by (i) creating operational efficiencies; (ii) implementing the highest maintenance standards in the market; (iii) controlling expenses: (iv) execute thoughtful and creative marketing/leasing initiatives.

RPM benefits from the economies of scale, local management strength, unmatched knowledge, and expertise that most larger management companies cannot replicate. With our corporate headquarters within twenty miles from our projects, RPM has the rare ability to provide a truly personal and dedicated approach to the management of our assets and act as an invaluable resource to our site staff.

RPM has the breadth of experience needed to handle all marketing, leasing and management functions from lease-up to stabilization and beyond.

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